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Race Car Replicas Australia Announcement

Unfortunately we will no longer be handling any new Race Car Replica(RCR) kit products in Australia. We have been removed as the Australian distributor by Race Car Replicas USA and therefore are no longer an authorised support channel.

The exciting news, is that we have registered a new trading name “Absolute Pace” and will be manufacturing our own kit cars. We believe we can provide kit car products designed for local conditions with superior engineering, quality and value for money.

Initially we will be launching Cobra and GT40 replica kit cars, with the product range quickly expanding. The Absolute Pace team has proven it has the skills to develop and deliver high quality products and this team remains unchanged. Only our trading name is changing to Absolute Pace, all other contact details will remain the same.

The move away from RCR is very disappointing for the team , as we have spent a considerable amount of time and money in developing and compliancing the RCR products, while promoting and building the brand name here in Australia. We have had a very busy year with a continual shop full of RCR kits and a few customer specific projects.

We certainly believe we delivered a superior product and made the Australian kits our own with the extensive modifications and enhancements provided here for both performance, driveability, useability, safety and registration compliance.

Due to legal and insurance reasons the use of Australian compliance documents for RCR kits is limited to kits supplied by Absolute Pace (formerly Race Car Replicas Australia) and must not be used for any other car kits, or similar kits supplied by RCR USA. We will be happy to assist our Australian customers where we can with their RCR kit registration requirements. We will not be providing any compliance documentation or support for any USA sourced RCR kits if they are imported into Australia.

Absolute Pace as a business will be more than happy to supply any additional parts that may be required during your RCR kit build and maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts. We will also be offering our RCR kit upgrade parts for separate sale to local and overseas customers. Unfortunately the upgrade parts used for registration compliance will not be offered for sale.

Personally I believe this new direction will allow us to build a stronger business, develop innovative new products and provide a higher level of customer support. I am very fortunate to have the enthusiastic backing of an expert team of knowledgeable, talented and passionate professionals.

I am looking forward to our future relationship together. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Craig White
Absolute PACE
3/12 Telford Place, Arundel QLD 4215
ABN 54 013 259 330
Ph (07) 3103 0957
Fax (07) 5529 0877